A Big Life: This year (2018) marks a remakable 43 years of cancer service for Grace Gawler – that’s a ‘big’ life by anyone’s standards –  written by Pip Cornall.

A Rock: Not only is Grace Gawler a survivor of multiple surgical traumas herself; but throughout 4 decades+ she has been the ‘rock’ for thousands of cancer patients who have sought her guidance.

Collaborative: Intelligent, dedicated and caring, Grace is one of Australia’s most experienced complementary therapists trained in naturopathy, herbal medicine, psycho-oncology. She is unique for her ability to work closely with doctors and oncologists and her mastery of herb-medical-drug interactions.

Carer: In 1974, aged just 21, Grace became a full-time care-giver for her boyfriend, a cancer amputee who’d been given just a few weeks to live. Despite his prognosis they married.

Establishes First Charity: In the early eighties, after he survived, they established a non profit organisation to support people going through the trauma of cancer and other life challenging illness.

Author: These years provided Grace’s learning field for working with women. She went on to create Australia’s first breast cancer support groups and residential programs in the early nineties which led to the publication of Women of Silence; the emotional healing of breast cancer; a best seller in 1994, and reprinted in the UK 2003. The book remains a ‘bible’ for women with breast cancer.

Awards: Grace served on a Victorian Government committee for two and a half years to create a new Women’s Health Plan. Her work was recognised in 1998 by being awarded the prestigious inaugural Rotary International Jean Harris Award for Services to Women in Society.

Crisis: Life changed suddenly in 1997. Her husband left the marriage. Grace was hospitalised to repair a sudden prolapse. When post surgical complications from the routine surgery created a major health crisis Grace faced an uphill battle. For 6 years, horrendously ill, she faced death many times until through her research she eventually discovered a surgical procedure in the Netherlands; a world ‘first that gave her back life and vitality. She had survived 21 surgeries and lost much of her colon.

Survivor: But Grace Gawler has not only survived, she has thrived – and is passionate about helping others to walk in the field of all possibilities. Grace is a mother of four children (one with special needs) and grandmother to three children.

Grace’s Second Charity: In 2012, Grace founded a non profit Health Promotion Charity, the Grace Gawler Institute for Integrated Cancer Solutions on Queensland’s Gold Coast after working with 14,000 cancer patients over 38 years in Australia, New Zealand, Holland, Asia, Ireland and the UK.

Weekly Radio Show: In August 2012, Grace began hosting the weekly internet radio show – Navigating the Cancer Maze on Voice America. Grace’s interview with pioneers in cancer research gives patients an opportunity to meet the hard working, often little recognised people at the forefront of cancer breakthroughs. Prof Ian Frazer, Dr Horst Lindhoff, Dr Barrie Cassileth and TV’s Fran Drescher are among many noteable interviews. See archives on Navigating the Cancer Maze Radio

Mission: Recognising the value of her own qualifications combined with her life experiences, she remains dedicated to helping cancer patients to “Navigate the Cancer Maze” no matter what the stage of their disease. In recent years Grace is has developed special skills at bridging the gap between German Treatments and those in the patient’s home county.

Grace with her life partner Pip in 2012











Grace with Fran Drescher – star of TV sitcoms – the Nanny and Happily Divorced

Fran Dreshcer and Grace Gawler - Cancer Fighters