Grace Gawler Institute Global Referrals

Cancer Patients without Borders is a Grace Gawler Institute (our charity) initiative to enhance the total care of cancer patients wherever they live.

Helping Patients to Navigate the National & International Cancer Maze is an area we are skilled in with 29-yrs experience referring patients (when necessary) to overseas clinics of repute.

We know many cancer patients are frustrated with treatments or medical systems in their home countries. While some frustration is justified your thoughts and ideas need to be carefully re-evaluated.

Cancer attracts more theorists, conspiracy promoters, fakes and charlatans than any other illness.

So it is a veritable minefield for the patient who is seeking appropriate/credible cancer treatment. For example read our appraisal of the German Cancer Breakthroughs (bottom of page)

Many patients travel to overseas Clinics that hold promise of a cure or prolonging life; most travel after they have exhausted all treatments available to them locally; or if they have an unusual cancer or are deemed inoperable…or they simply don’t believe in their home country’s “Medical System”. The most popular Clinics are located in Germany, China & Mexico.

It is our experience that often, a more skilled approach to Navigating the Local Cancer Maze may yield better survival/longevity outcomes. We can help you access local treatments that you, your doctor or hospital may not be aware of or may not want you to know of for reasons of protocol.

If you are considering treatments overseas – you would do well to read this page.
I have a 40 year history working closely with cancer patients and a 29 year history of referring cancer patients to overseas clinics. My own life was saved thrice due to having colon surgery overseas. (Holland 2003, Singapore 2009, 2014) With extensive experience in cancer supportive care medicine and having co-founded Australia’s first cancer support groups, it was challenging for me to find an overseas hospital that could accommodate my medical needs back in 2002-03. Navigating one’s way through the maze of overseas options now available for cancer patients is fraught with challenges and potential health issues not obvious at the outset.

SELF REFERRALS: From our experience many self referred patients often travel with incomplete medical records and no one to case manage or advocate on their behalf. In particular – they often do not return to their oncologist when they arrive back in their home country and they tend to maintain a poor level of monitoring and follow up. With little real knowledge of treatments and the nature of cancer itself – patients often don’t know the questions to ask or how to validate the treatments they are offered. There is a lot to know before embarking on an overseas trip for cancer treatment.

Which information can you trust?

Often patients self-refer to International Clinics, having chosen from the internet; many simply choose the cheaper option without really knowing what they are getting for their spend. Many Clinics treating cancer in Germany & Mexico are alternative medicine based – but there are a few who wisely combine conventional medicine with complementary and psychological approaches and these present a better option – but once again, there is a lot to know before you embark upon such a journey.

Misleading Manuals: Recently a patient sent us a popular guide book about German Cancer Breakthroughs. It was a hard read for us since we had worked with many of the clinics and he clearly knew very little about them and their treatment records. From our experience referring patients to Germany we knew his statements to be wildly optimistic at best with many innacuracies and glaring omissions.

As one patient said: ” We didn’t know what we didn’t know when we tried to assess & research cancer treatments in Germany on our own.”

Contact Grace for personalised assistance with an international referral. We currently refer to hospitals throughout Australia and in the USA, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, the UK and more.